Monday, July 27, 2009

you are beautiful

So I just got back from a road trip where I went up to Portland, Oregon. It was an incredible time; filled with music, cycling, good&interesting people & drinking so much beer that it started coming out of my pores. While in Oregon I got the opportunity to visit the coastline, doormat volcanoes, go downtown, watch & dance at shows, meet inspiring people, climb on top of buildings, explore many parks, forests, lakes, rivers & waterfalls. Not to mention being forced to sell myself at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
On the way back down to southern California, we stopped in Eugene to stay with my friend Brent for a night; walked around & made friends with some weirdos. Continued on to Napa Valley to stay the night with my friend Scott. There we ended up tripping on mushrooms, jumping off a light tower into a lake, looking at the stars, riding bicycles all around town & playing in a cemetery. Next stopped in Sonoma to have lunch with our friend Helen on the way to Santa Cruz-- there we walked & drank beer along the beach & then made way towards LA & finally, home.
Overall it was just an magical time that I will be keeping with me somewhere close to my shirt pocket for a long time.

don't forget it