Monday, June 7, 2010

Wish I'd met you sooner

Yesterday: a beautiful day in Southern Humboldt. Went to the Mateel's 34th annual Summer Arts & Music Festival; got a good dose of vitamin D. It's amazing how much sunnier the weather gets an hour south or inland from here (Arcata) where it truly exemplifies the meaning of "June gloom".
The festival was radical. I met so many interesting, beautiful people. With that being said, I also met a number of creepy men: complimenting leeches (I couldn't even begin to tell you how forward these men were).
I spent the hours of the night & day dancing, hula-hooping, trying on wicked clothes, checkin' out art, watching jugglers, gypsy's, groovy music and getting involved in plenty of fantastically delightful conversations with charismatic strangers.
I met a gang of dancy folks from the mid-west. We all became fast friends and danced the night away together. There was Greg, my favorite dance partner who I exchanged numbers with and poked fun at for being so sweaty (what I didn't tell him was that I found it extremely sexy on his shirtless, tan and fit body).
At one point in the festival I was aimlessly walking around and this lady grabs me and asks if she can paint my breasts to attract attention to her painting booth. I told her she could paint my face. This originally would have been a $20 face-paint job, so I definitely lucked out.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the actual festival. This festival was filled with a plethora of hippies (REAL dirty hippies [whom I do enjoy, but you know...]), and I just didn't feel like having the responsibility of taking care of my camera- which is (to me) the equivalent of  having a child.

Hope your looking at life through your rose-colored glasses, 
Sandi Rae


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  2. Thanks Selim! I can't figure out how to leave a comment on your page because the language is in Turkish? I wanted to tell you I love your typewriter!